Our Mission and Eligibility

The goal of the Kentucky Senior Games is to maintain or improve the physical, mental and emotional health of all senior Kentuckians. The purpose of the Kentucky Senior Games is to implement a year-round program of fitness and health promotion for Kentuckians 50 years of age and over. This will be accomplished through seasonal competitions at local, regional and state levels. The Kentucky Senior Games encourages older adults to stay active and fit, revive past fitness and recreational skills or learn new ones. Social events, ceremonies, and the arts are also an integral part of this successful program. The Kentucky Senior Games programs are fun and challenging. Please come and join us! You will be glad you did. All Men and Women over the age of 50 years old are eligible to participate in the Kentucky Senior Games. We also accept out of state participants.  The Kentucky Senior Games is the only National Qualifying site in the state of Kentucky.


2014 Kentucky Senior Games
September 2-7, 2014
Frankfort, Kentucky



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